Over Easy Day Fishing

Easy Day Fishing

First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Arnold van Deijck. Boating and sportfishing enthusiast since I was young.

As an official Fishing Guide for the AHV (Amsterdam Fishing Organisation) I will show you de fantastic Fishing places near Amsterdam. It is possible to buy a 3-day permit on board.

De Boot

The Fishing Boat

A succesfull fishingday starts with a good preparation. Also it must be safe to go out on the sometimes rough water, intensive shipping sometimes creates big waves on the IJ/Nortsea-cannal. A safe boat is a must on this water.


The Fishing Day

The fishing day takes about 8 hours depending on the weather and if the fish are willing to bite! We leave from the Marina at the "Nieuwe Meer" at ca 07.30 AM. We can schedule the day at your wish. Time of departure and return can be altered at your convenience.