About us

First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Arnold van Deijck. Boating and sportfishing enthusiast since I was young. So it came that I started to organise fishingtrips as an official fishing-guide. My idea is tot o perfect certain techniques like verical Zander fishing, drop-shot fishing and trolling for Pike with (beginning) fisherman. As an official Fishing Guide for the AHV (Amsterdam Fishing Organisation) I will show you de fantastic Fishing places near Amsterdam. It is possible to buy a 3-day permit on board.

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The boat is moored at the lake “Nieuwe Meer” in Amsterdam . This lake has a good stock of Pike and we can switch from Zander Fishing to Pike Fishing very easily. Also we can go to other spots like the “Ringvaart”, “Oosteinderpoeltjes’ and “The Westeinderplas” which have also a good stock of Pike. For the Westeinder you need a separate permit. Active (jerk) fishing and trolling are the best ways here. The IJ/ NorthSea Channel are known for its good Zander Fishing. In combination with a tour through Amsterdam this will make a great experience. We fish on a Catch&release base.